The Nevada Operation Game Thief Citizen’s Board is a self funded organization operating in cooperation with the Nevada Department of Wildlife’s Operation Game Thief program to reward those who report wildlife crimes.

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About the NVOGT Citizen’s Board


Nevada Operation Game Thief (NVOGT) and the NVOGT Citizen’s Board (NVOGTCB) were created in the late 1980s with the support of judges, prosecutors and the Nevada Department of Wildlife to allow people to anonymously report wildlife crimes and offer rewards in exchange for information leading to convictions.

Because state funding is not available to pay rewards for tips on wildlife crimes, the NVOGT Citizen’s Board relies entirely on donations and fundraising. The NVOGT Citizen’s Board operates as a non-profit 501(3)(c) corporation and is staffed completely by volunteers and outdoorsmen who donate their time to help protect Nevada’s resources.

The NVOGT Citizen’s Board attends numerous regional sporting and fishing events to promote awareness, assist Nevada’s wildlife protection agencies and rally support within the community. We offer the presence of trailers, host fundraising events and raffles to promote our organization. We are thankful for the support within the Nevada community.

Where We Operate

Though based in Carson City, the NVOGT Citizen’s Board works in conjunction with the Nevada Department of Wildlife as a resource for reporting poaching and wildlife crimes throughout the entire state of Nevada. Information related to wildlife violations can be reported 24x7 and all OGT correspondence remains completely confidential.

Report Wildlife Crime and Poaching

NVOGT Hotline 1-800-992-3030.

Board Members

Rob Boehmer


Rob Boehmer has served on the NVOGT Citizen’s Board for 7 years, and currently serves as the Board’s Chair and President. Rob is a Nevada Native who has volunteered as a Hunter Education Instructor for NDOW for the past 15 years, serves on the Carson City County Wildlife Advisory Board, serves on the Capitol City Gun Club Youth Shotgun Shooting Academy Board, and is active within his Church and the Boy Scouts of America.

Mike Fletcher


Mike Fletcher has served on the NVOGT Citizen’s board for the last five years.  Mike has lived in the Great State of Nevada since 1981 when he moved here from Arizona.  Mike and his family are very active in and enjoy the outdoors.  He has volunteered with Nevada Department of Wildlife as a Hunter Education instructor for the last 10 years.  He is passionate about ethics and the role they play in the outdoors.  Enjoys teaching adults and especially youth about the great outdoors.

Kevin Law

Board Member

A 30+ year resident, Kevin is an avid outdoorsman with a passion for the ethical use of the wilds of Nevada.  He is a long time NDOW volunteer and has participated in many exciting volunteer projects such as big game captures and sage grouse lek surveys.  He has a deep love for the state of Nevada and strives to protect its wildlife and outdoor opportunities for generations to come.

Kirk Stewart

Board Member

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Gene Green

Board Member

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NVOGTCB Donations 2024

Rewards paid for reporting game violations are funded by NVOGTCB donations and fundraisers.

Goal: $5000
  • 20%

Our Mission

1. Reward Those Who Report Wildlife Crime

The NVOGT Citizen’s Board’s primary function is to reward those who report and assist with the prosecution of persons involved in game violations in Northern NV.

2. Promote Awareness About Wildlife Crime

The NVOGT Citizen’s Board helps expose and educate the public on the consequences of illegal poaching and wildlife crime through media and public presence via our “Trailer of Shame” displayed at local events.

3. Provide Hunter Awareness Resources

The NVOGT Citizen’s Board works closely with the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) to provide hunters with resources relating to wildlife conservation and hunting etiquette.

4. Provide Resources for Reporting Wildlife Crime

The NVOGT Citizen’s Board works closely with Game Thief organizations around the country to provide and guide hunters to resources for reporting poaching and wildlife crime.

Trailer of Shame

Look for our trailer:

The “Trailer of Shame” is available for display at public and sporting events to help promote hunter awareness and information on the impact of wildlife crime and illegal poaching. To schedule a display, please contact NVOGTCB via any means available on this website.

Wall of Shame

The below photos are from documented cases and are typical examples of wildlife crime and illegal poaching in Nevada.

How You Can Help


Report wildlife crime at Rewards offered pending the prosecution of offenders are determined and issued by the NVOGT Citizen’s Board.


Support the NVOGT Citizen’s Board via donations, volunteering, or hosting our trailer at an event to help promote hunter awareness and education on the impact of wildlife crime.


Spread the word about the NVOGT Citizen’s Board and the reward eligibility to hunters and sportmen by sharing our website and engaging with us on social media.

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PO Box 21430
Carson City, NV 89721